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  • Clark Kent (First and only known appearance) (Cameo)
  • Johnny Griffon (First and only known appearance)
  • O.J. Simpson (Mentioned)




The Black Cat crashes a New Years' party at the Daily Bugle, stealing partygoers' jewelry. Spider-Man follows her, despite his promise to meet up with Betty at the party, and returns the jewels to Jameson's guests. Unfortunately, he loses track of the Cat, as well as standing up Betty at the party. The next day, Peter apologizes to Betty and promises to never stand her up again, with her agreeing to Peter's suggestion for lunch. The Black Cat visits the Bugle again, and asks Jameson to issue a challenge to Spider-Man, stating that she will steal the famous Maltese Mouse artifact, worth a million dollars. Spidey makes an excuse to Betty for missing their lunch date, and arranges for them to spend the evening together in the audience of the famous Johnny Griffon show before returns to the ship. Spidey manages to stop the Cat from stealing the Mouse from the cargo ship, and is offered the job of guarding the artifact on the Johnny Griffon Show. That night, with Spidey making his appearance on the show, as well as trying to spend a little time in the audience with Betty as Peter, the Black Cat appears on schedule and steals the Mouse from under Spider-Man's nose in front of millions of viewers. Trying to salvage what little reputation he had in the first place, Spidey pursues the Black Cat to a nearby amusement park, with full intentions of capturing her and retrieving the Maltese Mouse.


  • When Spider-Man uses a phone booth to apologize to Betty for standing her up, the person who was just using the booth previously bears a very strong resemblance to Clark Kent. This is the second of three Superman references in this series.


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