Quote1 I don't have your life or your powers. Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Actor) src

The unnamed person was an actor who played the fictional character of Spider-Man on television. The character was created by Stan Lee.

The actor was accidentally chosen by the Beyonder, who assembled a group of Spider-Men from different realities to defeat Spider-Carnage, a being from Earth-98311 who threatened to destroy the Multiverse. The actor was initially not allowed to take part in the battle, but transported to the scene as a last resort by Beyonder.[1] The actor managed to stop Spider-Carnage's first attempt of infinite destruction. After, everyone was removed from Earth-98311 when Spider-Carnage fled to Earth-31198. The Spider-Man of Earth-92131 was then sent on his own to destroy Spider-Carnage once and for all, and was successful. After Spider-Carnage was defeated, Madame Web allowed Spider-Man of Earth-92131 to meet his creator in Earth-38119.[2]



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