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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 5 Textless
Quote1 Look, I get it. You're all haunted by whatever happened to us in the past, and you want to make sure none of that happens to anyone else. It's real heavy and depressing. And maybe I forgot some of that stuff because we kinda wanna forget it sometimes... but hey, on my side-- maybe you could stand to, I dunno, enjoy yourself once in a while? I mean, come on, dude, we can climb walls! How many times did we dream about being able to do that as a kid? Okay, the answer is none-- but still, it turned out to be pretty cool! My point is just-- I'm half of you. But are you like me half the time? Maybe don't push us down so much in favor of Emo Pete and his Sad Parade. What's the worst that could happen? Quote2
Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 5 001
Peter Parker
Quote1 Tens of millions in property damage? Quote2
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 5 Textless
Quote1 Yeah, but come on, even you have to admit-- the giant robot was awesome. Quote2


The creation of this duplicate of Spider-Man was the result of an accident involving the Isotope Genome Accelerator,[2] whose properties to transmute characteristics of one organism on to another were being reverse-engineered by Dr. Curt Connors at Empire State University with the intention to isolate and divide the hybrid properties of a living creature. When Peter Parker was paying Dr. Connors' class a visit, they were interrupted by the mercenaries Taskmaster and Black Ant. Peter tried to distract the villains,[3] and Taskmaster shoved him against the Accelerator. The device was turned on and it irradiated Peter, splitting his physical and mental attributes down the middle into two. The effects had a few seconds of delay, during which Peter caused a smoke explosion, making the process completely inconspicuous.[2]

After Spider-Man defeated the villains,[3] he took Peter away to properly analyze what occurred, and they determined that they seemingly possessed the same memories and personality, with the only major difference that Spider-Man retained Peter's spider-powers. Peter originally didn't mind Spider-Man's existence, since it allowed him to attend to his personal life while his super-powered self patrolled the city. However, the results of the separation became apparent and progressively more pronounced, and Peter discovered that Spider-Man lacked his sense of responsibility,[2] causing him to become reckless, self-conceited and brash.[1]

When the Tri-Sentinel attacked the city, Spider-Man hacked into its systems and reprogrammed it to become his own personal robot,[2] and his battles from then on cost millions of property damage. He additionally singed up for endorsement deals with numerous companies, and set up a service offering for-hire transport via web slinging. Peter eventually confronted Spider-Man about his behavior, and discovered that he couldn't remember their Uncle Ben. Shortly afterwards, Peter learned from Dr. Connors' testing with a lab rat of the fatal aftereffects that resulted from isolating the doppelgangers. In addition to the loss of learned skills and behavioral issues Peter and Spider-Man were experiencing respectively, the separation would result in their deaths.[1]

Peter tricked his roommate Boomerang into stealing the Accelerator from ESU, and took it from him in turn. Peter approached Spider-Man on a rooftop with the Accelerator charged, but he was interrupted by an invasion of Tri-Sentinels controlled by Mendel Stromm. When they were being chased by one of the robots, Peter pushed Spider-Man out of the way of one of the blasts, and was fatally injured. After realizing that not even his sacrifice could change Spider-Man's behavior, Peter used a web-shooter to yank the Accelerator from the rooftop into the street, releasing a blast of energy that merged them back together. Made whole again, Spider-Man managed to stop the Tri-Sentinel invasion.[4]


As an duplicate of Peter Parker, he has his sense of humor, and cracks jokes. But due to him not having Peter's sense of responsibility, his usage of humor isn't because of him being scared or stressed. He still uses it to get to opponent's nerves.

His personality is almost the same of Peter, before the death of Uncle Ben, as he does his heroics to be famous, etc and doesn't really care if someone dies or gets hurt because of him. He also doesn't have a lot of respect for his other half, due to Peter being a 'failure' in his eyes.



Seemingly those of Peter Parker.



Seemingly those of Peter Parker.


Seemingly that of Peter Parker.

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