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This Tsum Tsum was one of several in a shipment intended for the Collector that crash landed on Earth. He then met Holly Hae, Bert Ergle, Dunk Diggs, who took him in with the others. After watching a super hero battle between the Avengers and Ultron, this Tsum Tsum adapted itself to mimic the likeness and appearance of Spider-Man, right down to the synthetic webbing.

After Holly, Albert, and Duncan caused a fuss in the stairwell of their apartment, Spidey Tsum Tsum was seen and captured by the Looter, who took him to an abandoned toy shop nearby. The Looter later convinced the Tsum Tsum to turn itself into Ultron, as well as duplicate itself to create Tsum Tsum versions of various other super-villains, by showing him clips of them demonstrating their abilities.

After running amok looting a bank and betraying the Looter, the Ultron Tsum Tsum faced the Avengers with the real Ultron, before ultimately being convinced of doing good by the Thrilling Three, reverting back into the Spidey Tsum Tsum persona. It then defeated the evil Tsum Tsums and Ultron with the help of the Avengers. After the battle, the Spidey Tsum Tsum was seen living with his fellow Tsum Tsums in the newly renovated toy shop.[1]

Biggest Fan

Sometime later, when Spider-Man was swinging over the toy shop in search of White Rabbit and her men, the Spidey Tsum Tsum tagged along, even helping Parker defeat the White Rabbit and her giant mech.[2]


  • Self-Replication: Tsum Tsums can duplicate themselves into countless replicas.


  • Advanced Learning: The Tsum Tsum can learn to mimic different powers just by watching videos of other people demonstrating different abilities.

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