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Synopsis for "Symbiosis"

Spider-Man is in Mister Fantastic's lab where an examination is taking place on the living costume that the wall-crawler has been wearing for months. Spider-Man is still disturbed that his new costume was actually alive. When Reed explains how it operates and then slows down to explain in layman's terms, Spidey tells Reed that he understands what was being said. They begin talking about Spider-Man's background in science, and the web-slinger is flattered when Reed asks to examine a sample of his webbing. While they are talking, they are unaware that Franklin enters the lab to gaze entranced at the symbiote. Their discussion is interrupted by Sue, who is upset that Franklin entered Reed's lab without his noticing. She scolds her husband for being so inattentive and reminds him that they are taking Franklin out for ice cream. With their discussion cut short, Reed tells Spider-Man to check in with him in about a week.

Once everyone has left the room, a small drone enters the lab and uses a laser to cut through the cylinder that contains the symbiote. Once a hole is cut through it, the alien costume breaks free and escapes out into the city. The alien eventually crosses paths with Reed and Sue as they are returning home from their trip for ice cream with Franklin. Seeing that the creature is after Franklin, Reed hands his son over to Sue and tells her to get him to safety while he battles the alien. Mister Fantastic then lures the symbiote to a construction site where he attempts to use a blow torch against it, but the creature manages to knock him aside and take possession of his body.

Nearby, Spider-Man is swinging across the city with a bouquet of flowers for his friend Liz Osborn, who went into labour during his battle against the Hobgoblin. The wall-crawler hopes that Liz and Harry haven't lost the baby as a result. Suddenly he is attacked by the symbiote-possessed Mister Fantastic. Fighting the symbiote, Spider-Man knocks Reed into a loud dance club, where the music drives the alien away. Reed warns Spider-Man that the symbiote is after his son and, thanks to its brief possession of him, knows where to find Franklin.

Back at the Baxter Building, the She-Hulk is surprised to find that none of her clothing fits anymore. It turns out to be nothing but a prank being played on her by the Human Torch, and she warns him against playing such pranks on her in the future. Just then Sue and Franklin come crashing into their headquarters asking for help. While Sue is explaining to Johnny what happened, the symbiote manages to slip in and take possession of the She-Hulk. Johnny manages to use his flame powers to free She-Hulk while Sue gets Franklin to the panic room. However the symbiote manages to take possession of the Invisible Woman. At that moment Spider-Man and Mister Fantastic arrive. They witness as the alien opens the panic room and takes possession of Franklin. With the boy's powers under his control, the symbiote tries to lash out until Reed convinces him to talk to Franklin. Franklin manages to use his powers to free himself from the symbiote and the Fantastic Four manage to capture the creature again.

Afterwards, Reed has examined the symbiote and has deterined that it is now motivated by hate, but assures Spider-Man that it cannot escape unless someone were to try to blow up their headquarters. Outside, the small craft approaches the mysterious man in the cloak who has been travelling through time collecting items for his greatest revenge scheme. He takes the sample of the symbiote the drone took and erases his altered programming and sends it back on its way so that proper course of history will endure. With his mission in this time complete, the mystery man teleports away.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Before there was Venom, there was the black costume symbiote that tried to permanently bond to Spider-Man...until the Fantastic Four set him free and captured the creature. While caged, the symbiote expressed an eerie interest in young Franklin Richards.
  • After a quarter century, find out at last what happens when the symbiote escapes and comes after Franklin...even if it has to go through Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four (including the Sensational She-Hulk) to get him!


Continuity Notes

  • This story takes place shortly after Spider-Man turned over his alien symbiote to Reed Richards to study, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #258. This story happens shorlty after immediately following the events of Fantastic Four #274.
  • Spider-Man mentions his recent battle against the Hobgoblin who attacked him resulting in Liz Allan going into labor. This happened in Amazing Spider-Man #260261.
  • Reed jokes about someone blowing up their headquarters, this actually does happen thanks to Kristoff Vernard in Fantastic Four #278.

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