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Quote1.png You accepted each other for who you are. You were family. Just knowing that was possible...that it might be possible for means a lot. It still does. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Family Values"

The Thing's bubble bath is interrupted by Spider-Man who has come to the Baxter Building after getting a text message asking him for his help. The Thing didn't send the text message, so they go about asking everyone else didn't send the message either. With no emergencies to speak of, the Thing agrees to sitting down to a poker game with Spider-Man. No sooner have they sat down are they suddenly attacked by what appears to be Doctor Doom. As the rest of the Fanastic Four rush into the room they learn their attacker is actually Kristoff Vernard. The Fantastic Four are shocked to see Kristoff who they haven't seen since the Onslaught crisis. Kristoff explains that after a failed bid to reclaim Latveria, he forsaw the return of the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom (who were believed dead at the time) and began plotting to retake Latveria and defeat the Fantastic Four.

Kristoff explains how he went back in time to utilize mystical texts from that were located in the Latverian embassy before they were destroyed. He then stole a sample of the Venom symbiote during the period in time that the Fantastic Four had it in their possession. Returning it to the present, Kristoff used it to set off a Venom bomb that Doctor Doom was blamed for and ultimately incarcerated. But his subsequent release at the hands of Norman Osborn led to Vernard to destroy the Doom directly. He stole a portion of the Technotroid and replicated its armor. He explains that he has come to seek the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man's aid in overthrowing Doom. However the Invisible Woman refuses to do so, pointing out that majority of people in Latveria worship Doctor Doom and that any time they have tried to dispose of him, things went poorly.

When Reed suggests that Kristoff needs help, and the youth lashes out at them. The Fantastic Four fight him back but one-by-one they all fall, leaving Spider-Man alone to fight him. Instead of fighting him, the wall-crawler pulls out one of the Fantastic Four's family albums. Seeing pictures of how happy he was living with the Fantastic Four was. Kristoff is shocked they kept photos of him. By this point the Fantastic Four have recovered and tell Kristoff that they searched for him after they returned and that they still consider him part of their family. Unwilling to accept them now, Kristoff is determined to meet his destiny and teleports away. In the aftermath of the battle, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man feel pity for Kristoff who has nobody while they all had family they could rely on. This gets them to thinking that Spider-Man is part of their expanded family. While back at his hideout, Kristoff has wrecked all his machinery.

Solicit Synopsis

• IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS! Spidey and the FF join forces in the present day as the threads from our last three issues come together, and we finally learn the identity of the mysterious time-travelling figure who's been searching their past for deadly weapons to use against them!

• Who is this sinister armored character? Read the book and find out...and believe us, Marvelite, it's not who you thought at first glance!


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