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Miguel O'Hara was a disgruntled geneticist for Alchemax, a corporate monopoly. Tyler Stone, Miguel's boss and head of Alchemax, was working on genetically giving humans superpowers for a "corporate raiders" project. The test subject chosen for the project was an inmate that was on death row that choose to get tested instead of taking the death penalty.

Although Miguel disagrees with Stone because he knows the dangers of the procedure, he decides to test on a subject because he knows that anyone else Stone commissions will not be competent enough to keep the human subjects alive. The test subject is later placed in a chamber to augment his DNA.

At first the experiment seems to be a success with the subject still alive after the chamber augmented his DNA and gives him super strength; however the subject dies moments later.

After this incident Miguel O'Hara confronts his boss to tell him that he should stop pushing the raiders project. Stone refuses and then Miguel tells him that he quits. Stone seems to understand and offers Miguel a drink. Once he has consumed the drink, Stone informs Miguel that he has laced the drink with a drug called Rapture. Rapture is a drug that changes the user's DNA and makes the user's life dependent on its continuous consumption. Stone tells him not to worry that Alchemax manufactures the drug and that he will supply him with the drug so long as Miguel continues to work there. Stone tells him that he had no choice because Miguel is too valuable of an employee to lose. Miguel realizing that he is now trapped returns home. In his apartment is his wife and out of confusion he hits her in the eye giving her a black eye. He tells her that his boss slipped him rapture and she is willing to help him by supplying him with rapture off the black market. Miguel has another idea in mind.

He returns to his lab at Alchemax to restore his DNA to its original constitution. Miguel usually manipulates the DNA of humans and animals and uses his own DNA as the human template. His plan was to use the template DNA to restore his DNA to how it was before it was infected by rapture. The plan backfires as a jealous coworker switches the template DNA to an experimental DNA template Miguel was working on.

The experimental DNA was Miguel's attempts in creating a replica of superhero Spider-Man. He is now cured of rapture but now his DNA is fifty percent spider.

At first Miguel takes change to be a curse but later sees it as a second chance. He comes to the realization that with his abilities and his position in Alchemax he can take down Tyler Stone and his Alchemax monopoly that holds Nueva York (New York of 2099) in tyranny.

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