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Quote1.png True. Get me the names of all our visitors as well. But frankly that's almost to much of a coincidence. No, I think he's an employee. I think I have a super hero on my payroll. And if that's the case... then I'm going to make sure he winds up superheroing for me. Quote2.png
Liz Allan

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Stuck in the past, Miguel managed to win some money in the lottery thanks to Lyla, in order to buy himself an apartment. Miguel gets acquainted with the Tempest caretaker, and while at work he tries to dissuade his grandfather from selling robots to a dictator, he is attacked by a time traveler, who wants to eliminate him for returning to the past illegally. Miguel however proves to be too difficult an opponent for the traveler, so he offers to let him live in exchange for Liz Allen's death. Spider-Man pretends to agree, then treacherously kills the enemy before he can kill Liz. The latter begins to suspect that one of her employees is a superhero, and decides to make her make the superhero for her.

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The book you have been demanding for months finally hits the stands! Miguel O’Hara is Spider-Man in the year 2099 but he’s currently stuck in the year 2014. He was stranded here by his father who is the head of an evil corporation called Alchemax in 2099. But in 2014, Alchemax has just been formed and Miguel has a chance to stop its corruption before it starts! You’d think being a man out of time would make you a man without enemies, but Spider-Man 2099 is about to discover that he’s not the only one hoping for a better tomorrow, one that might be ensured by The Adjustor eliminating Miguel from the time stream altogether! Join comics legend (and Spider-Man 2099 creator) Peter David and breakthrough artist Will Sliney (Superior Spider-Man Team-up) for the most adventure you’ll find in a book this side of the twenty second century!


  • 32 PGS./Rated T ...$3.99.

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