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Synopsis for 1st story

In the cell Strange tells Spider-Man that she is aware of the changes in the timeline, after which she uses magic to heal his wounds. A guard attracted by the noise breaks into the cell, but Spider-Man easily defeats him and then frees Strange. The two escape, easily defeating other guards, and Strange leads Miguel into the Master's caveu, filled with objects dating back to the age of heroes ... including a time machine, created by Doctor Doom, which the master cannot operate (he apparently lost his genius). Miguel manages to reactivate it, but Strange is killed by the Master who, invisible thanks to a hood, was waiting for Spider-Man to reactivate the time machine. Thanks to one of the old Iron Man armor, Miguel manages to defeat the Master and escape into the past, but after he is gone the Master and Strange get up again revealing that the former, agreed with the demon who possesses the second, and that he has gained complete control of the body. The Master then returns to the past as he wished.

Solicit Synopsis

• Miguel O’Hara has finally found his way back to 2099!

• But none other than the malicious Maestro has taken control of the dimension!

• Looks like Spidey may have to call in some Strange backup.

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