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Quote1.png Funny how I don't believe in him and yet I call on him. Quote2.png
-- Mike O'Mara

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Synopsis for 1st story

Spider-Man uses a medicine he took in the future to heal Tempest, but she wakes up and tries to shoot him, even though the superhero manages to escape unscathed. The next morning, on his way to work, Miguel discovers that Liz has decided to build a super-prison and is sure she doesn't have to fear competition from Peter Parker. Miguel after helping the latter to defeat the Spot tells him about his journey into the future, begging him to win the contract to build the super-prison, as he fears that somehow it is Alchemax to have caused the rise to the power of the Maestro. Miguel returns home, is greeted by a Tempest in seventh heaven and drunk: the doctor has revealed that she is perfectly healed. The woman realizes that it was Spider-Man who healed her, and believes that he did so at the request of Miguel, and kisses him. Shortly after, however, she transforms into a humanoid wasp.

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Solicit Synopsis


• Spider-Man 2099 and the Amazing Spider-Man’s worlds collide when Alchemax and Parker Industries are caught in a bidding war for a valuable contract!

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