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Quote1.png If I had any brains, I'd let her drown. Unfortunately, no one ever accused me of having brains. Okay, well that's not true. Brains, I've got. It's common sense I'm lacking. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara)

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Synopsis for 1st story

The issue begins with Spider-Man 2099 being attacked by the wasp form of Tempest. Miguel first thinks that the cure was affected by carrying it through dimensions. But then he realizes that Tyler Stone must have booby-trapped the cure, and makes sure never to bring a cure to cure cancer. Tempest and Miguel then crash into a flying helicopter. O'Hara escapes while Tempest calls him back, saying that she only wants to eat him, and it will not hurt.

Spider-Man reaches a park, and calls on Lyla to find out how Alchemax can restructure someone's DNA by a formula. Meanwhile, Tempest attacks a police and, using her as ransom, demands Spider-Man to show himself.

Back with Spider-Man, Lyla answers that Tempest would be permanently a wasp for at most 6 hours. Spider-Man shows him self to Tempest and uses the police gun to shoot Tempest into the water. He is then bitten by Tempest. Before Miguel drowns, he reminds Tempest he is Miguel. Tempest pauses for a while, and Miguel knocks her unconscious.The police arrive and ask Spider-Man to give Tempest to them. Suddenly, Tempest transforms back to normal and the two escape.

Tempest wakes up and ask what happened. Spider-Man explains and then leaves...

Solicit Synopsis

• Miguel O’Hara finds himself in the middle of bidding war between Parker Industries and rival Alchemax!

• Not only that, but his traveling through time has put the people he cares about in the year 2015 in imminent danger!

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