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Quote1.png I'm staring to take this personally. It seems that everywhere I go, problems start. Like here... I go to the bank, that's it. Just a trip to the shockin' bank. Just wanted to deposit some money, is all. Millions of people do things like this every day, without incident. But not me. No, I wander in and thirty seconds later there's a damned robbery in progress. There's always something. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara)

Appearing in "Women & Secrets"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bank robbers (First and only known appearance)
    • Terry (First and only known appearance)

Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Women & Secrets"

Miguel laments his poor luck after his attempt to deposit some money at the bank is foiled by a robbery by 3 masked men. He pulls a hostage up and webs her to the ceiling before knocking out both robbers. The third panics and drops his gun, saying the robbery was their idea. Miguel knocks him out and walks outside, before he is told to surrender by the police. He mentally notes how the police have been dealing with the other Spider-Man for years and haven't learned. Firing a webline up, he swings away.

Knocking on Tempest's door, Miguel brings her flowers and she reluctantly invites him in. When he asks about her medical bills, Tempest is upset and angrily tells him to get out. In the lift on the way down, Lyla wonders why she was angry and Miguel tells her Tempest thought he was being intrusive. She tells Miguel he has company and exiting the lift Miguel finds himself face to face with Liz Allan.

Liz Allan questions Miguel's identity as Michael O'Mara after conducting an extensive check on all of Alchemax's employees. Realizing his cover was blown, Miguel grabs Liz and hurls her through the window. After thinking it through, Miguel deems this scenario too "overdramatic" and tries to bluff his way through Liz's accusations. Liz threatens to tell Tiberius and Homeland Security. Whipping up an outlandish 'futuristic outfit', Miguel tells Liz he came to ensure the safety of Tiberius Stone, his grandfather. Miguel asks Liz what it would take for her to keep silent, and she replies with a kiss to Miguel's lips.

After Liz leaves, Tempest enters Miguel's apartment and asks who she was. Miguel tells her Liz is his boss, and when she points out her lipstick on his mouth, he tells her she is "friendly". Tempest tells Miguel the reason for her medical bills was she had leukemia and had months to live. She thanks him for the flowers and leaves the room.

Solicit Synopsis

• Life’s not easy when you’re a Spider-Man from the year 2099 stuck in our present.

• But what’s the bigger danger: bank robbers, or beautiful women?

• Peter David’s triumphant return to the character he created continues!


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