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Quote1.png Holy crap! I know him! That's Morlun! But... but he's dead! History says that he's dead! How the hell is he alive and how can he be killing another me?! The pain... it's overwhelming. All I can do not to fall over... This is insane! I don't understand any of this! He stands there for what seems forever but couldn't be more than a second or two. And I could be wrong. I could be imagining it. But he looks... Afraid. And then, just like that, the portal's gone, and I'm alone on the roof... with a body that isn't even recognizable as me anymore. I've got to stash this somewhere, and then... I've gotta find Peter Parker. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Morlun begins to hunt down the various versions of Miguel O 'Hara. One of them notices, and tries to warn the Miguel who is on Earth-616, but just as he is about to go there, Morlun reaches him and kills him under the eyes of his counterpart, who decides to go and talk to Peter Parker .

Solicit Synopsis

• Morlun is hunting spiders of all kinds, across all dimensions and all times.

• By the end of this issue there will be only one Spider-Man 2099!

• Spider-Man 2099 co-creator Rick Leonardi returns for this landmark issue that will take you to the EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE!


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