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Quote1.png No, I mean it shouldn't. The world shouldn't be like this. First it was changed into some desolate wasteland that was ruled over by a Hulk gone nuts. And now something happened to turn it into this... Quote2.png

Appearing in "Something Sinister This Way Comes: Chapter Two"

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Synopsis for "Something Sinister This Way Comes: Chapter Two"

Spider-Man wakes up at Alchemax, and discovers he is a prisoner of the Sinister Six, who claim to have always been the masters of Alchemax and Nueva York. The Sinister Six decide to kill Miguel, but are attacked by a huge fire monster ... actually a hologram created by Kasey that frees Miguel. When the six realize the deception, the two are already far away, and Goblin talks on the phone with Kasey. Miguel realizes that the future has changed again, and that despite everything this version of 2099 is better than the one in which the ruler was the Maestro and deduces that it must have been Qweeg's journey into the past that altered history again. Kasey offers to take him to Gabriel, and in the meantime explains to him that it was the guerrillas that reduced the world to that state. The rest of the Sinister Six guess that Goblin has played a double game, and attack and imprison him to discover that she is actually Jennifer D'Angelo. Miguel instead discovers that his brother Gabriel has virtualized his mind. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus contacts Kasey and tells her that they have discovered Goblin's true identity and will kill her if she doesn't bring Spider-Man back to him.

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• Stranded in a 2099 he doesn't recognize, Miguel wakes to find himself held captive by a group of villains calling themselves the SINISTER SIX!

• But how is it that this timeline is so different than the one Miguel left behind?

• Can Spidey escape the clutches of his captors and find a way back to the past so he can fix the future?

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