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Quote1.png No, he won't be. He's a hero. Saving people is what idiot heroes do. Quote2.png
-- Venom

Appearing in "Something Sinister This Way Comes: Chapter Three"

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Synopsis for "Something Sinister This Way Comes: Chapter Three"

In the present Lyla reactivates Roberta's Captain America personality, telling her to go to the lab and await further instructions. The Sinister Six are attacked by an army of Spider-Man. Miguel hidden among the holograms projected by Kasey, manages to get rid of the Vulture and the Sandwoman, but is hit by Electro, on which he still manages to get the better, after a short fight. Jennifer meanwhile unleashes a surprise attack on Venom, and is freed by Miguel. Unfortunately Kasey is struck by Electro's lightning bolt, and Jennifer is killed by Doctor Octopus just before following Miguel into the present. Spider-Man vows to destroy the FIST that he discovered caused this new 2099. Meanwhile Qweeg offers Sinister Six a seat in the FIST of which Tyler Stone is revealed to be a member.

Solicit Synopsis


• Trapped in an unfamiliar 2099, Miguel is reunited with those he loves through an unexpected team-up.

• But Spider-Man is not home free — this era’s Sinister Six still have unfinished business with the anachronistic arachnid.

• Can Spidey trust his new allies? Or is he caught in a web of lies?

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