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Quote1.png I have to go. You said that the future's all changed. That 2099's not that wasteland anymore. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Civil War 2099: Chapter One"

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  • Asgard (First appearance; as S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters in drawing only)

Synopsis for "Civil War 2099: Chapter One"

Captain America decides to go find her husband and daughters in 2099 despite Miguel's disagreement. Seeing that it is impossible to change her mind, young O'Hara proposes to accompany her but she refuses. Ulysses has a vision and tells Medusa to call Peter Parker. In 2099 Captain America ends up in a zoo and is attacked by tigers, but gets rid of them quite easily. In the present Jasmine returns to work and Miguel after thanking her for telling him about Tempest, tells her that she has given Roberta an offsite assignment. Discovering that another family lives in her house, Captain America tries to call her husband looking for his number on the list. On the third attempt, she finds the right number, but the answering machine answers, and she is attacked by some men and aided by Ravage. In the present Miguel is contacted by Peter, and apologizes to him for having treated him badly in the hospital. The other Spider-Man then informs him of Ulysses' prophecy and the two deduce that he was able to see something of 2099 thanks to the time door opened by Miguel. The inhuman made a drawing of Captain America crucified. Miguel rushes into 2099 where he is attacked and defeated by Jake Gallows.

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• 2099 is in peril and Roberta Mendez. A.K.A. Captain America, has returned to the future to find her family.

• Little does she know that the heroes of the future are being hunted.

• Could this be the end of 2099 as Miguel knows it?

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