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Quote1.png If Spider-Man is here, then you're through. Even now, he's organizing a strike force of every living hero. At this very moment I can only imagine what he's saying to rally his troops. In fact, for all we know... he's on his way here right now to bring this place down around your ears. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Civil War 2099: Chapter Four"

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  • Asgard (S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters)

Synopsis for "Civil War 2099: Chapter Four"

Despite Fury's opposition, Jameson is determined to crucify Captain America. Spider-Man manages to convince the other super-heroes to launch an attack to free Roberta, and reading the mind of Gallows, Strange discovers the identity of the A.D. Taking advantage of the onslaught of his fellow Spider-Man he reaches Jameson, who believes him Peter Parker and shows him that this is not the case. Meanwhile, during the fight Julie is killed, taking over as a Skrull. A spell from Strange shows that the other members of the Power Pack are also Skrulls, and Miguel attacks Jameson revealing that he is also a Skrull. Miguel deduces that all of them had to prepare an invasion, and that their memory has been modified to prevent them from being discovered. Miguel easily gets over the Skrull who decides to let him and Cap go back to the present. Shortly after Deadpool 2099 kills the fake Jameson.

Solicit Synopsis


• Caught in the clutches of the malignant CEO of ALCHEMAX, the future looks bleak for Spider-Man and his allies.

• And with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Public Eye waging ALL-OUT WAR against anyone with super-powers, the heroes have little hope of rescue.

• Can Spidey and his friends find a way to escape and set the timeline right?

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