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Quote1.png The Fist had bigger plans than assassination. More organized, and more central... they wish to bring down the United States. Quote2.png
Elektra Natchios

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Synopsis for 1st story

Miguel and Roberta go to Denver on the trail of the Fist. On the plane Miguel is attacked by Elektra, but manages to get the better of her. Meanwhile Tempest wakes up from a coma. Arrived at their destination Miguel and Roberta exchange information with Elektra. The ninja, however, drugs them not wanting their help in the fight with the Fist (initially she believed that Miguel was on their side). Lyla, however, wakes Miguel and he wakes Roberta. Elektra reaches the base of the Fist, where she is attacked by Iron-Man. Spider-Man and Captain America arrive just in time to assist her in the fight. Eventually the three win, and discover that Sonny (the man in the Iron Man Armor) doesn't remember coming from 2099. Soon after the Fist base explodes.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spidey’s learned the location of the headquarters of THE FIST — the terrorist organization that put his fiancée in a coma — and is ready to mount his attack, but it turns out he’s not the only one investigating the radical group.

• Elektra Natchios, Marvel’s most deadly assassin, has her own reasons for hunting the group.

• Can Miguel trust this mysterious newcomer, or is she yet another obstacle in his quest for vengeance?

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