Quote1 You have no idea of the forces you have unleashed. You have no comprehension of the power of The Fist. What happened here in Chicago? That is simply the beginning. Quote2
-- Medea

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Trying to get out of bed Tempest falls and finds that he can no longer walk due to spinal damage. The woman is clearly upset, but tries to focus on the fact that she is still alive. Meanwhile, in Chicago Spider-Man, Captain America and Elektra fight Medea and the people she turned into monsters (including Raoul and Tiberius Stone). Fortunately, thanks to Cap's help, Elektra manages to treacherously hit Medea by defeating her, and when she faints, all transformed people return to normal. Meanwhile, Tyler Stone shows up at Tempest's bedside.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spidey’s mission to take down the terrorists who left his girlfriend in a coma isn’t going very well...

• THE FIST, an extremist offshoot of THE HAND, has teamed up with an ancient, evil goddess and literally started the apocalypse!

• But even with help from Elektra (an expert in evil ninja revolutionaries), can Spidey take down a convention center full of zombies?

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