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Synopsis for 1st story

By modifying his time machine with the help of Sonny, Miguel reaches May 15, 2019 the date when the Fist will carry out his plan, to stop the evil organization. Apart from the collapse of the Parker Industries building, everything seems normal, but Miguel activates the stealth mode of the costume, but is detected by Tyler Stone. Stone reveals that he is dying, and that he wants to release a lethal virus. Along with super accomplices including the monstrous version of Tempest, he tries to block Spider-Man to release it, but is killed by another Spider-Man wearing Miguel's old costume.

Solicit Synopsis

• The future looks bleak as Spidey uncovers the truth about those responsible for destroying his home time period of 2099.

• But with Miguel’s fiancée Tempest caught in the crossfire, taking down the terrorists might prove impossible.


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