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Synopsis for 1st story

The two Spider-Men are attacked by passers-by who have fallen under mind control due to a trap in their phones. Tempest is revealed to be on their side, and when he finds out that Miguel is Spider-Man she gives him a kiss. Cap 2099, Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Cindy Moon also join the fight, and Lyla manages to block the Fist's mind control program. The leader of the organization is revealed to be Atropos who runs away after a fight with Miguel who, thanks to his words, realizes that he is dead in that timeline. Tempest then reveals to him that the other Spidey is their son Gabriel.

Solicit Synopsis

• Miguel races the clock to bring down The Fist before they can complete their plan to bring about the apocalypse.

• But with the entire city under some kind of trance, Spidey’s hopes of winning the fight are dwindling…

• Luckily, help has appeared in the form of a mysterious new Spider-Man!

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