Quote1 ...we have to go after that madman and get him back down here... before he kills someone. Quote2
-- Captain America

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  • Qweeg (First appearance)

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Synopsis for 1st story

In 2099 Kweeg is waiting to see the portal that some of his men have seen open reopen. In the present, Roberta Mendez goes to work believing she has talked to her husband and her daughters but in reality her apartment is empty. At work Roberta runs into Miguel, and her Captain America personality prompts her to ask him what's in the basement, but he doesn't give her any particular information, and her alter-ego prompts her to investigate. Meanwhile, Miguel asks Raul to find him information on the Fist. Roberta opens the time portal and Kweeg arrives in the present, and tries to use violence on her: this makes the personality of Captain America dominant, who engages in a fight with the cyborg. In the meantime Lyla informs Miguel of the incident and that Roberta arrives from 2099. Kweeg gets the better of Cap; Spider-Man's intervention saves the woman but doesn't stop the cyborg from escaping.

Solicit Synopsis

• A mysterious stranger from the future arrives in New York, and he’s got Spider-Man dead in his sights!

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