Quote1.png You are Spider-Man, yes? I always admired you. You stood apart from the other so-called heroes. You followed your own drive. Your own destiny. I could relate to that. Then you joined the Avengers and became much less interesting. Quote2.png
-- Lash

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Synopsis for 1st story

Peter gives some of his employees the task of studying the terrigenous mists to counteract the negative effect they have on mutants. However, the gas escapes from the container and a girl breathing it turns out to be inhuman and ends up locked inside the cocoon from which it will emerge with its new shape.

Rhonda exposed to Terrigen Mist

Meanwhile, Miguel takes Roberta back to her house and after telling her that she lost consciousness during an experiment, he tells her to take the rest of the day off. Soon after Lyla informs him of the incident, and Miguel returns to the office, where shortly after he, Rhonda's girlfriend and the other employees are joined by Lash, who takes away the cocoon.

Lash raids Parker Industries

A confrontation between Spider-Man and Lash ensues during which the inhuman teleports himself and his antagonist to an active volcano. During the fight, the cocoon falls into the lava, but opens up and Rhonda's new form emerges.

Rhonda after breaking out of the cocoon

Solicit Synopsis

• Miguel O’Hara’s crusade against the mysterious organization called FIST continues!

• But there’s trouble in New York when the Inhuman LASH (y’know, the one from a little show called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) arrives AND PUTS MIGUEL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INHUMAN CONFLICT!

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