Quote1.png I completely lost control. All my anger at Tempest's mother. Took it out on Marko. I mean, yeah he crossed a line when he grabbed those infants, but... he's a villain. He's supposed to cross lines. What am I? Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

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Synopsis for 1st story

The two Spider-Men take Tempest to a private clinic. Miguel tells Peter that he intends to track down Tempest's mother and question her ... and to find out where she is, he intends to beat up Marko, despite Peter's disapproval. Localized the criminal Miguel breaks three fingers, obtaining the position of Tempest's mother. The Mountain Man, however, gets up and fights again, so Miguel beats him again, reducing him very badly.

Cecelia attack Spiderman

Once he finds the woman, Miguel discovers that she is capable of casting energy beams. After calming her down, she discovers that she inadvertently used her powers to kill her second husband, who had developed a morbid attraction for Tempest. Meanwhile, the Fist recruits Glorianna.

Solicit Synopsis

• Miguel and Tempest – reunited! But Miguel isn't about to get a happily ever after...

• The mysterious organization called FIST makes their next move, and Spider-Man 2099 gets a helping hand investigating what they're up to.

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