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  • Colonel Nick Fury (First appearance)




Synopsis for "Day of the Chameleon"

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  • This issue adapts the Spider-Man: The Animated Series episode "Day of the Chameleon".
  • This is the last adaptation of a Spider-Man: The Animated Series episode, as the next issue has an all-new story that was never on the cartoon.
  • Unlike the "Day of the Chameleon" episode, this issue eliminated S.H.I.E.L.D.'s pursuit of the Chameleon at the Daily Bugle, which in turn eliminated the side story of Mary Jane being fooled by the Chameleon's disguise as Peter Parker, and in turn eliminated the misunderstanding between Mary Jane and Peter that happened at the end of the episode.


  • While attacking the Chameleon (who was in disguise as Peter Parker), Spider-Man thinks to himself, "His resemblance to me is uncanny! It's like I had an exact duplicate... A Clone! Hah! Talk about a crazy idea!" This is in reference to the Clone Saga that was going on in the main Spider-Man books at the time.

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