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  • Robbers' cars
  • Police cars (Off-panel)
  • Van carrying Gargan at ESU (Off-panel)
  • Felicia's blue convertible sports car

Synopsis for "The Sting of the Scorpion"

Spider-Man stops a jewelry store robbery and webs up four crooks. Meanwhile, J. Jonah Jameson visits Professor Farley Stillwell lab at Empire State University, to discuss using the neogenic technology, the research of which he has funded, to neutralize Spider-Man. Despite Dr. Curt Connors' warnings, Stillwell convinces Jameson the technology is sound.

Later, Peter Parker walks Felicia Hardy home, who tells him that while he can tutor her in Science, they cannot date. Peter is disappointed, and feeling rejected, ditches her after noticing a man following them, but loses him in the crowds.

Having received several photographs from Peter of the earlier attempted robbery, Jameson questions him at the Daily Bugle on how he manages to get the shots. Peter later notices the man who was following him the previous evening meeting Jameson in his office, and having realised Jameson was the one who arranged for the investigator, Mac Gargan, to follow him, confronts them as Spider-Man. He webs up Gargan and tells Jameson to quit his persecution of him. After Spider-Man leaves, an enraged Jameson offers Gargan a chance to get back at the wallcrawler. At Professor Stillwell's lab, Gargan's DNA is restructured by the neogenic recombinator to match that of a scorpion.

Spider-Man is later ambushed by the Scorpion, who is able to gain the upper hand and defeat him. As he is about to unmask Spider-Man for Jameson, Gargan is suddenly wracked by pain and flees. The Having observed these events, Jameson returns to the Bugle where he views footage of the Scorpion wreaking havoc across the city, and realises that he has created a monster. Jameson confesses to Robbie Robertson that he was the one who created Scorpion to end the masked outlaw Spider-Man.

Scorpion then heads for the Oscorp nuclear reactor, planning to use radiation to change him back into human form, despite the risk of destroying the whole city. Spider-Man arrives to stop him, but Scorpion damages the reactor wall with his tail's electro-blast. As he -Man is about to be killed by Scorpion, Spider-Man is saved by Jameson, before finally neutralizing Scorpion. The radiation leak is then contained with the help of Oscorp scientist Otto Octavius. Despite their brief alliance, Jameson tells Spider-Man that nothing has changed between them, and he won't rest until he's been "unmasked and eliminated".

Later, Felicia apologizes to Peter for giving him a hard time earlier, but still declines a date with him.



  • Professor Stillwell's name is misspelled as "Stilwell" on one occasion.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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