Quote1 Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot! Quote2
-- Mary Jane Watson

Appearing in "Return of the Spider-Slayers"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mary Jane Watson (First appearance) (Cameo)
  • The Herald (First appearance)
    • Mr. King (First appearance)
    • Jeanie (First appearance)



  • Spider-Slayer
    • Black Widow
    • Tarantula (Only appearance)
    • Scorpion (Only appearance)
    • Tri-Spider Slayer (Only appearance)
  • Microwave relay dish
  • Alistair Smythe's Hover-Chair
  • Timer-bomb manacles
  • Spider Tracer
  • Crane
  • Battle tanks
  • Robotic helicopters
  • Liquid-oxygen tank


  • Traffic
  • Norman Osborn's car

Synopsis for "Return of the Spider-Slayers"

Spider-Man is attacked by a rebuilt Black Widow Spider-Slayer along with an originally designed Tarantula Spider-Slayer. They successfully defeat him, and bring him back to Alistair Smythe's lab. Smythe then has Spider-Man restrained and lures J. Jonah Jameson to him, claiming to have captured Spider-Man. As he is about to unmask Spider-Man, the Black Widow captures Jameson and Alistair has them attached to each other with a bomb, which will detonate in one hour. The Tarantula transports them to the roof of a building, before joining the Widow to capture Flash Thompson, Eddie Brock and Norman Osborn, others who Smythe holds responsible for his father's demise.

Still attached to Jameson, Spider-Man saves Flash from the Black Widow, before successfully separating from Jameson, although with the bomb remaining attached to himelf. He then defeats the Black Widow. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock is given a job as a reporter at the Herald newspaper, before the Tarantula crashes through the building to kidnap him. After being saved by Spider-Man who defeats the Tarantula, Eddie is subsequently fired.

Smythe prepares his final and most powerful creation, the Scorpion Spider-Slayer. He sends it to Oscorp, where it defeats Osborn's military tanks and robotic aircraft. Smythe then revives the Black Widow and Tarantula, both of which arrive at Oscorp and combine with the Scorpion to become the Tri-Spider Slayer. Spider-Man arrives at the scene, and finds a source of liquid oxygen which he uses to remove the bomb from his arm. As Osborn attempts to make an escape in his car, the Spider Slayer chases him, where it fights Spider-Man who uses the bomb to destroy it. Smythe is berated by the Kingpin for his failure, and told he must continue to work for him until he can successfully destroy Spider-Man.

After Spider-Man returns home to rest, he remembers his Aunt May has set him up on a blind date with Mary Jane Watson, and although reluctant at first he is impressed when he opens the door.


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