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Synopsis for "The Menace of Mysterio"

The Metropolitan Museum is robbed, seemingly by Spider-Man. The following morning, after arranging a date with Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker is told the news of the robbery by Aunt May, and watches the footage on television.

Puzzled, Peter heads to the museum where J. Jonah Jameson prepares his story on the robbery. Peter finds some of Spider-Man's webbing, but is stopped by Detective Terri Lee. Peter explains that it could not be Spider-Man's webbing because it dissolves after around one hour. Suddenly, a figure calling himself Mysterio appears, telling the people at the crime scene that he will catch Spider-Man. Mysterio disappears, and in the process creates an illusion of the museum roof caving in.

Later, Peter hears on the news of another incident involving Spider-Man, and heads to the Beltway Plaza Mall in Brooklyn to catch the imposter. Spider-Man arrives at the mall where he confronts Mysterio, who challenges him. Mysterio heads to the Brooklyn Bridge, and Spider-Man follows. Mysterio gains the upper hand and Spider-Man falls into the water, seemingly perishing. Jameson later appears on television announcing Spider-Man's "demise" and praising the New York's new hero, Mysterio.

Peter watches the broadcast in despair, and after receiving a call from Mary Jane dumping him for missing their date, Peter decides to quit life as Spider-Man. Detective Lee knocks on the door telling Peter that she believes Spider-Man has been framed, although he dismisses her plea for him to help clear Spider-Man's name. However, after being told that Spider-Man never turned his back when he was needed, Peter looks back to when his Uncle Ben was killed, and decides to visit Detective Lee as Spider-Man.

With Mysterio having claimed to have been ruined by Spider-Man on the Brooklyn Bridge, Spider-Man and Detective Lee figure out that Mysterio must be Quentin Beck, who was part of a film crew recording a car chase movie on the bridge before a real life special effect caused a helicopter crash, and was webbed up by Spider-Man and imprisoned, swearing revenge on the wallcrawler.

Spider-Man decides to visit Beck's address, Wonder Studios, where he experiences a variety of Mysterio's illusions. Detective Lee and Jameson enter the building, but are captured by Mysterio along with Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man manages to free himself, save the two and defeat Mysterio, who is arrested.


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