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Appearing in "Doctor Octopus Armed and Dangerous"

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  • Cold Fusion Battery (Main story and flashback)
  • Spider-Man's Spider-Signal (First appearance)
  • Dynamo magnet
  • Rocket booster engine
  • Electromagnet


  • Police car

Synopsis for "Doctor Octopus Armed and Dangerous"

Peter Parker is at Felicia Hardy's house for a date, but Doctor Octopus arrives and kidnaps Felicia. Felicia's mother, receives ransom instructions from Doc Ock, and Peter remembers Otto Octavius in a good light for his actions in preventing a nuclear meltdown at the Oscorp Complex. Doctor Octopus takes Felicia to his hideout, explaining that he has kidnapped her because of her mother's refusal to fund his experiments.

J. Jonah Jameson issues a news broadcast transmitting a message to Otto Octavius, agreeing to meet his ransom demands in exchange for Felicia. Doc Ock phones Jameson, and calls his bluff when Jameson personally threatens to lay hands on him, demanding that he deliver the ransom money himself.

When Jameson arrives at Doc Ock's hideout with the ransom money, he is captured by Doc Ock. Spider-Man, having followed Jameson, appears and fights Doc Ock. Doc Ock subdues Spider-Man, demanding that with twice as many hostages he requires twice the ransom, and leaves him to deliver the ultimatum.

Spider-Man decides to communicate with Doctor Octopus as Peter Parker, having researched him using the Bugle's Computer Library. Over a phone call, Peter expresses interest in Octavius's work, and agrees to deliver the ransom money in order to assist in his experiments. After showing Peter his fusion battery, Doc Ock refuses to release Felicia and Jameson, and throws Peter out of the window. Spider-Man then appears, and activates the assembly testline in order to immobilize Doc Ock's tentacles. However, it also inadvetantly threatens to fire on top of Felicia and Jameson. Spider-Man is able to save them before it fires, and Doc Ock is then taken into police custody.



  • In contrast to previous issues, this story shows Jameson smoking a cigar, similar to his Earth-616 counterpart.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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