Quote1.png I thought they were going to break up and then I could drop this whole pretense and tell Peter how I feel and everything would be--well, not perfect, nothing's ever perfect, is it--but I thought I could be myself again and it felt so good, I just-- Quote2.png
-- Mary Jane Watson

Appearing in "The Secret Thing"

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  • Mr. Sparks (Mentioned)



  • Phone booth


  • Train

Synopsis for "The Secret Thing"

Who would you trust with a secret so big that its unveiling would change your life? Should you even try to trust anyone? Maybe your best option is to keep it to yourself--particularly when dealing with someone who often doesn’t think before they speak. You know, someone like Gwen Stacy...!

Mary Jane was convinced that Gwen and Peter were breaking up but it turns out that the two are closer then ever after Peter told Gwen a "secret". After Gwen gabs to MJ the whole school, including pal Harry Osborn, are whispering about what Peter's secret is.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man battles it out with Lightmaster only to survive and find out the whole school is talking about him. After he confronts Gwen he realizes that MJ was really hurt and only getting involved because Gwen planned to break up with Peter.

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