Quote1.png You know, he actually asked me if there was someone else. I told him there wasn't. And that was the truth. But the whole ride home, I kept wondering... Quote2.png
-- MJ to Liz

Appearing in "The Unexpected Thing"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




  • Two breads with peanut butter & jelly
  • Two apples
  • Two bottles of water
  • Nut cookies
  • Phone booth


  • Train

Synopsis for "The Unexpected Thing"

Mary Jane Watson, you just hit the jackpot! You finally get to fulfill your most amazing fantasy by dating Spider-Man! Thing is, you and Peter Parker have grown close enough that you might not be “just friends” anymore, and you know it. You can’t ignore it. It’s time to make your choice, MJ: will it be Peter or Spidey?

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