Quote1.png Lippy told me how he found her (Felicia Hardy), the phone in her hand. She didn't tell De Wolfe what the Crime Master had done to her. She didn't want anyone to know. She walked with a stick for a while, but her injuries are mostly healed now... the broken bones are mended, her damaged organs have recovered. Only the scars remain. Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Synopsis for "Endless Night"

Spider-Man is shocked to find a lobotomized Robbie Robertson, and plans to help the other captured black prisoners to escape.

Doctor Octavius is very angered to hear from Crime Master that he and his benefactors of the Friends of New Germany are abandoning his entire research and plans to destroy everything, which includes killing the prisoners, from being caught by the authorities. After the Crime Master forces Octavius to contact Joseph Ansell through telephone, Ansell confirms to him that his experiments are needed to end. But, Ansell privately tells Octavius that he can eliminate Crime Master for being a liability after everything is dealt with.

Crime Master then orders his men to kill the prisoners. Fortunately, Spider-Man attacks and takes their guns away, leaving them at the hands of the escaped prisoners. Crime Master quickly spots Robbie and held him hostage, and demands Spider-Man to back off, while offhandedly stating that he killed Felicia Hardy. Then one of Crime Master's men urgently informs his boss that FBI agents have arrived and are already raiding the jetty. Crime Master orders his men to hold off the agents, but Spider-Man tells him and his goons that it is pointless as anyone who shoots back will be serving time on death-row with their boss, given to his atrocities on Ellis Island. Spider-Man's threats work, as Crime Master's men flee in panic and abandoning their boss. As Crime Master still holds Robbie, Dr. Octavius arrives and informs Crime Master that there is nowhere for him to escape even from Spider-Man and suddenly attacks him with his scalpel arms, leaving Robbie to escape from harm. After Spider-Man had Robbie escape with the other prisoners, Octavius impales Crime Master and mercilessly eviscerate him, as the dying crime boss begs for help from Spider-Man, who only coldly watches on.

After killing Crime Master, Octavius offer his hope to Spider-Man that killing the crime boss would offered good word in the end on his trial if captured. But Spider-Man is unsway and, still angry for what Octavius had done to Robbie, violently subdues the doctor. Just as Spider-Man is about to strangle Octavius, Agent Jean De Wolfe arrives and stop him. De Wolfe then reveals to Spider-Man that Felicia Hardy, who is reveal to be alive, called him about the island's experiments which raises Spider-Man's hope.

Spider-Man and everyone leave Ellis Island, with all culprits connecting to Octavius' experiments captured. Upon arriving on Manhattan, Spider-Man leaves to see Felicia. Arriving At Felicia's apartment, Spider-Man finds her bodyguard Lippy, who informs him that Felicia is being taken care in a private clinic and had decided not to see Spider-Man ever again because it was his fault that caused her condition.

A month later, Peter, Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson visit the Robertson's residence where Robbie is being taken care by his family. Robbie's physical condition is fine, but his brain damage couldn't be medically repair. Carver informs Peter that Agent De Wolfe had called and informed him that Dr. Octavius cannot be held at trial as he had previously worked on government projects that would publicly expose state secrets, and is instead being deported to Germany. Peter is sicken to hear this and regretfully apologizes to Robbie. Mary Jane take Peter outside and talk him through from blaming himself for losing the people he loves, and assures that she will always be with him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Octavius arrives in Berlin and being awaited by German officials lead by Heinrich Himmler. Just as Octavius meets Himmler, the man then notice the doctor's congenital disability and contemptibly insults him, stating that Octavius is "useless" in accordance to the Nazis' eugenicist ideology and refuses to see otherwise. Himmler then coldly leaves and showing no support for Octavius, as the doctor is left alone and deeply dejected.

In the end, Spider-Man narrates that Felicia has recover but hasn't leave her apartment and never had any visitor apart from Lippy. Though Felecia stated that she never wanted to see Spider-Man, he has been respecting her privacy and had been watching her on her balcony, while looking out over the city. Lippy had told Spider-Man that after Felicia had called De Wolfe, she had never told him nor anyone about her injuries, which left her walking with a stick. At the last page, Felicia is shown wearing a white mask completely obscuring her scarred face.

Solicit Synopsis

The brutal and relentless Crime Master is the least of the Spider-Man’s concerns! As the bloody wave of violent crime spreads across the city, Peter Parker discovers the greater monster is the eminent biologist, Dr. Otto Octavius! If Spider-Man lives to escape the grisly clutches of New York’s most dangerous killer, will he survive a final encounter against the heartless, death-dealing scientist?

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