Quote1 Enough of this! I want this freak's head in a jar! Quote2
-- The Goblin

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man: Noir"

Peter decides that he needs Ben Urich's help to stop the Goblin, so he goes to Urich's home. However, upon arriving he finds Urich dead[1] and calls it in to the police. Later, as Peter is walking the town, he is invited into the Black Cat speakeasy to meet with Felicia Hardy, the bar's owner. Felicia reveals to Peter that his inspiration to Urich to do the right thing is what got Urich killed, and she gives Peter all of Urich's files with incriminating evidence on the Goblin (Norman Osborn) and his men. In his headquarters, the Goblin himself is furious and increases the intensity of the search to find whoever has the files on his operation.

After being advised by Felicia not to give the files to the Daily Bugle, Peter begins using the information in the files to attack the Goblin's operations as Spider-Man. After a number of nights of this, other crime bosses begin to lose faith in the Goblin's protection of them and give him an ultimatum to eliminate Spider-Man. This motivates the Goblin to search even harder for the person tipping off Spider-Man with information about Osborn's operations, and while he is brooding his Enforcer Ox mentions seeing Peter going to meet Felicia Hardy after Urich died. The Goblin decides to kidnap both Peter and Felicia to figure out what they know and where the information on the Goblin's operations is coming from.

Later, Peter is reading the Daily Bugle's smear campaigns about Spider-Man and decides it is time to pay Jameson a visit. He enters Jameson's office only to find him shot and nearly dead in his chair. Jameson mutters something about "the master of disguise" before breathing his last, and just then police burst into the room.[2] Spider-Man escapes through a window, getting grazed by a bullet, and after he has successfully escaped realizes how dangerous his life has become. Peter can't understand why Jameson was shot and goes looking through Urich's files to find answers. After searching through the files on Osborn's Enforcers, he finally stumbles upon something that tips him off.

Spider-Man heads over to the morgue and finds the dead body of Jameson. He presses into the face of Jameson to find that in fact it was not Jameson at all who died, but rather an ex-Enforcer of Osborn's, the Chameleon. This leaves Peter wondering where the real Jameson is. In another part of town, the answer to Peter's question is revealed as Jameson is sitting in a cage, trapped by Osborn. The Goblin brings a gagged Felicia Hardy to join Jameson in the cage, and mentions that he is still waiting for their final guest, Peter Parker, to arrive.

In Peter Parker's home, Aunt May walks into his room looking for the boy. Unbeknownst to her, the Vulture is in the room, looming directly overhead as she walks inside.

Solicit Synopsis

Young Peter Parker’s been given the power – but does he have what it takes in gritty 1930s New York? There’s only so much a kid like Peter can do against corrupt city politicians and slick gangland bosses. But when he gets unexpected inside info on the Goblin’s dirty dealings, it’s the chance of a lifetime for the Spider-Man to clean up the town!


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  1. Urich was shot by J Jonah Jameson in the previous issue
  2. This is the scene that began the first issue of the series, before it moved backward to tell the story of Peter getting his powers and meeting Urich.

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