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Four of the weakest foes Spider-Man ever faced, united to get revenge
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As the name Spider-Man gave the group suggests, they are the most ridiculous group Spider-Man ever faced. This group consisted of Spot (Johnathon Ohnn), Kangaroo II (Brian Hibbs), Grizzly (Max Markham), and Gibbon (Martin Blank). All of them faced Spider-Man before and were easily defeated, so they united to get revenge on him. When they faced him, he let them think they defeated him, so he could discover what they wanted to do next. They robbed a bank, but soon Grizzly and Gibbon found out that this was not what they wanted to do, and started fighting with Spot and Kangaroo. After quickly defeating the latter, they "found out" that Spider-Man was only faking being unconscious. They delivered the money back to him and he fled, saying that he will not web them because they delivered back the money and gave up being criminals.


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