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Peter Parker, mild mannered teenager, goes with his classmates to an arachnid research facility, where he is bitten by one of the facility's 12 "Super-Spiders", seeming to gain spider-like powers an increased strength.

Meanwhile, Parker's classmate, Mary Jane Watson is accosted by a group of 3 criminals, she manages, briefly, to fight them off, but soon realizes she needs a hero. Luckily Spider-Man appears, facing off against, and swiftly defeating the criminals.

Over a period of time, Daily Bugle headlines show that New York has accepted Spider-Man as their new hero. Several citizens of the city perform a medley of songs in order to celebrate the apparent drop in crime. These celebrations are short-lived however, as a new masked criminal, the Green Goblin appears, calling for Spider-Man to "come out to play".

Spider-Man arrives, and the duo battle it out, with Green Goblin using an explosives launcher and Pumpkin Bombs to attack his foe, but seems unable to hit his target. The battle dissolves to a melee between the tow, and Green Goblin seems to get the upper hand, but Mary Jane tries to distract him.

The distraction seems to give Spider-Man enough time to recover, getting back in the action as soon as the Goblin tries to kidnap Mary Jane. Goblin then decides to "cut to the chase", calling for "Death to New York!", and bombing the city.

Spider-Man chases him down however, and the two face off again, armed with rods of metal debris. As Spider-Man escapes with Mary Jane, the Green Goblin attempts to finish off Spider-Man with a Pumpkin Bomb, but instead dies in an explosion himself.

Safe at last, Mary Jane Asks who Spider-Man is, but when he tells her that she knows who he is, she realizes he is Peter Parker and the two share a kiss. The people of New York sing a song in honor of their hero but, on hearing a cry for help, he swings away.


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