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Synopsis for "Puppet"

The Scarlet Spider swings back to the apartment that is home to his alter-ego Ben Reilly. There he thinks about how the enigma his life is. He thinks back to how he was a clone of Peter Parker created by the Jackal as part of a revenge scheme against Spider-Man. Despite the fact that he is a clone, he still has Peter Parker's memories and was instilled with a sense of great responsibility. He recalls how he recently rescued a young boy who was in the path of a speeding car. Despite the fact that he saw himself as nothing more than a clone, Ben Reilly was drawn back to New York City when he learned that Aunt May had a stroke and ended up in a coma in the hospital. He also couldn't resist the urge to visit May's home, almost running into Spider-Man in the process. He later saved a woman who leaped off a Brooklyn Bridge a situation that reminded him of Gwen Stacy who died on that very bridge.

Eventually, Ben ran into Spider-Man, who reacted with anger thinking that this was yet another manipulation by one of his foes. However, Ben soon explained to Peter that he was his long-lost clone. Although Peter regarded Ben with mistrust, the pair worked together to contain the prisoners at Ravencroft Institute, including the serial killer known as Carnage. After this, Ben decided to remain in New York City and developed his own costume identity that was later dubbed the Scarlet Spider. His first duty as the Spider was to take on Venom, a long time Spider-Man foe. Not long after this, Kaine reappeared in his life again and began going after Spider-Man's foes, murdering both the Grim Hunter and Doctor Octopus. This was followed by the return of the Jackal who tried to trick them that Gwen Stacy had survived in stasis for all the years she was thought dead. They quickly discovered that this was one of his imperfect clones used to manipulate them.

With his recollections over, the Scarlet Spider thinks about all the foes he has faced, and the ones that are in the memories he shares with Peter Parker. Despite his past of uncertainties, Ben Reilly decides that not only is he Spider-Man, but he is also a man. His future will raise many more questions, but he is determined to find all the answers.


Continuity Notes

  • This story recaps much of the first act of the Clone Saga (See the above for all the references)

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