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Synopsis for "Good Intentions"

The issue starts with Peter Parker who has joined J. Jonah Jameson to take pictures of John Jameson's new space mission until he discovers that Venom and Carnage are up to something that has a connection to John Jameson's space shuttle, the "Solaris 1". They get on it when John is about to take off but Spider-Man catches up to them and decides to fight them both.

Spider-Man fails to defeat the Symbiotes that are on board with John in space, J. Jonah Jameson thinks that the Symbiotes killed his son and blames Spider-Man for John's death.

After a night of weird events, Peter decides to quit being Spider-Man for a while. He succeeds in keeping himself as Peter Parker for about 6 months before taking a brand new nanotechnology costume from Reed Richards to be used as his new costume.

Peter introduces his newly nanotechnology suit to Mary Jane Parker at their home

Spider-Man takes a new space shuttle, called the Solaris 2 "for a ride" to Counter-Earth to save John Jameson and to clear his name.



  • Spider-Man's new suit was stolen by Peter from Reed Richards.
  • The issue cover is an homage to the Amazing Fantasy #15 front cover.
  • In the animated counterpart Peter claims he kept his Spider-Man revival project secret from his wife, while in this issue, Mary Jane is introduced to it.
  • In this issue, Peter Parker's hair color is full brown in color, rather than being dyed half orange at the top, and having brown at the bottom.
  • On the front cover of this issue, the Machine Men's armored plating is different in coloration: from being purple and blue to green and purple.

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