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Synopsis for "Worlds Apart"

This issue starts with Spider-Man arriving on Counter-Earth and facing a robotic police force called the Machine Men. After a quick fight with the Machine Men, the Knights of Wundagore arrive and kidnap Spider-Man. They take him to their castle, called Castle Wundagore.

Peter Parker (Earth-751263) and Lord Tyger (Counter-Earth) (Earth-751263) from Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 2 1 001

Spider-Man, shocked to see Lord Tyger in person, is revealed to be a humanoid tiger himself

The Knights of Wundagore introduce themselves as the elite unit of the High Evolutionary that controls the planet. Later, Spider-Man run off from the castle and meets up with a group of human rebels led by John Jameson.

Spider-Man learns that the Humans, are the low rate-citizens of the earth. And the Beastials, are humanoid animals with human like characteristics, and are the top citizens because of their creator, the High Evolutionary.


  • This issue introduces Peter's new landlady, Naoko Yamada-Jones and her son, Shayne.
  • The Machine Men on the cover are colored in different colors than their TV appearance.
  • This issue is based on the second episode of the Spider-Man Unlimited animated series called "Worlds Apart (Part Two)".


  • The Knight called Sir Ram tried to cut off Spider-Man's mask to reveal Spider-Man's alien race.
  • The High Evolutionary was a human that came to Counter-Earth from another unknown planet.
  • In this issue, Bromley's surname is incorrectly called "Daniel Hoskins" instead of "Daniel Bromley" by Peter Parker.

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