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Synopsis for "Where Evil Nests"

This issue starts with Peter Parker going out to change to Spider-Man. After he changes, he started to move on into the neighborhood, there he encounters a human who calls himself "Green Goblin".

The Goblin thought that Spider-Man is one of the Symbiotes because he looked like Venom and Carnage, but after a quick talk with Spider-Man he started to trust Spider-Man and decided to team up with him so they could beat Venom and Carnage that kidnapped of Beastials and Humans so they could control them.

After they kidnapped Peter's landlady, Naoko Yamada-Jones, Spider-Man joins her son Shayne and goes to the swears to defeat the Symbiotes in their lair after their plan was exposed: "to take over the planet by creating a world of Symbiotes".


  • This issue is based on the third episode of the Spider-Man Unlimited TV Series called "Where Evil Nests".


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