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Synopsis for "Claws On Counter-Earth"

Spider-Man stops some thugs robbing a bank, but one of them manages to get away and disappear among a crowd of people. The confused Spider-Man swings away wondering about other familiar faces on Counter-Earth. Spider-Man arrives at Naoko's house and presses his Wrist Morpher,
Peter Parker (Earth-TRN583) from Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 2 5 001
changing him back into Peter Parker. He enters the house and finds Naoko worried about Shayne who is having nightmares. Peter enters Shayne's room with the latter surprising Peter. The two have fun while Naoko watches with a smile on her face. Meanwhile Machine Men arrive at the scene of a crime with a bloodied corpse while a silhouette watches above. Back at Naoko's house, Peter is writing his thoughts down in his diary wondering about all of the faces he's seen and how familiar they are to his world. Suddenly Peter's spider-sense tingles, sensing danger,
Peter Parker (Earth-TRN583) from Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 2 5 002
he pressed his Wrist Morpher transforming him into Spider-Man. He goes outside to see the commotion and finds the Wolverine over a corpse whom attacks him. After a brief fight, a scream is heard which Wolverine responds too fleeing the scene. Spider-Man wondering who he is and what's going on, activates his stealth mode,
Peter Parker (Earth-TRN583) from Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 2 5 003
and goes after the tri-bladed monster. He follows him for sometime until Wolverine sneaks up behind him, ripping off Spider-Man's cape with ease. Spider-Man is finally able to get Wolverine to talk to him and learns that Wolverine was experimented on. Before they can go any further, Wolverine spots the being who kidnapped the one who screamed before and together the two knock him down. Spider-Man notices the man as the one that escaped at the bank and before his eyes, the man morphs into the Chameleon. The two foes battle each other as Wolverine helps the woman to safety. Meanwhile Chameleon manages to get a hold of Spider-Man and transforms into an exact replica of his costume. As the two fight, Wolverine decides to act and jumps at one of the Spider-Men. He picks the right choice, knocking Chameleon out cold. Wolverine thanks Spider-Man for his help and gives him a medal of honor that was around his neck. Spider-Man notices that it's the same medal that Naoko's husband had in a picture at her house and before he can say a thing, Wolverine disappeared.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Is Wolverine stalking the streets of Counter Earth's Manhattan? Maybe... maybe not! Meanwhile, Peter Parker returns from his meeting with this world's Reed Richards and Ben Grimm with a head full of questions. Are there an Aunt May and Mary Jane here, too?


  • Peter Parker unmorphs for the first time on screen in the comics and the animated show.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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