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Synopsis for "Perceptions, Part 4"

It's been ten days since a string of murders around Hope, British Columbia, and the town is very on edge. Things have been spiraling out of control thanks to sightings of the mythical beast known as Wendigo. Wolverine and Spider-Man are in the region investigating the situation and have determined that the Wendigo is not responsible for the deaths and that the local RCMP detachment is apparently inflaming things to take attention away from the real killer. Spider-Man swings back into town where he changes back to Peter Parker so he can meet with reporter Anna Brooks, the woman who first broke the "bigfoot" story. He tells her that the Wendigo is not responsible for the murders, a revelation that Anna has a hard time believing. This upsets her because this is her big story and she didn't figure Peter for being like the other reporters sensationalizing the stories in the press. Despite the fact that he insists that he is telling the truth, Peter can't reveal his sources and has no evidence to support his claims just yet. Anna tells him to leave, but Peter points out that some of the facts that don't add up. He explains that the Wendigo doesn't change his habits, yet the murders were inconsistent, then there is the fact that the forensic reports have been delayed despite the leaks to the press. Growing frustrated with Anna, Peter tells her that he has more to go on and tells her that she knows where to find him when she is ready to listen.

While in the forest, the Wendigo is walking wounded after an encounter with hunters. The beast goes to a nearby stream to wash its wounds and drink. However, the mythical creature passes out, falling face first in the stream. The Wendigo is found by Wolverine, who vows that someone is going to pay for harming the innocent beast for the murders. Meanwhile, Peter Parker has changed back into Spider-Man. Unable to get through with Anna, the wall-crawler decides that it's time to go to the RCMP with what he knows. Changing back into his civilian guise, Peter tries to convince the authorities of what he knows. However, they dismiss his suggestion but take his folder. Chief Inspector Krahn takes a look at the file given to them by Parker and orders his men to get him Luke Thorpe and wonders how this information got out as it could blow the situation wide open. By this point, Wolverine begins some make-shift surgery on the Wendigo, removing the bullets and stitching the creature out. Back in town, Peter takes his information to Daily Bugle reporter Melvin Gooner. He too finds this information hard to believe, particularly since Peter is just a photographer. Peter is angry at Gooner's inaction and decides to keep on pushing forward because he doesn't have a career that is in jeopardy by shaking up the narrative of the reporting.

Meanwhile, Luke Thorpe meets with Inspector Krahn to discuss the recent development. He explains that the situation, Thorpe has figured that a human being was committing the murders and knows that the Inspector is only concerned about his career. He assures Krahn that he will capture and kill the Wendigo as long as the RCMP keep the reporters out of the woods. Krahn is not satisified with the amount of time it has been taking and orders Luke to finish his mission within the next two days. By this time, the Wendigo has regained conciousness, and Wolverine convinces the creature that he is trying to help it. Logan explains that there is another body to find and he needs help to find it. Surprisingly, the Wendigo trusts its instuncts and agrees to go along with Logan. In town, Spider-Man has exhausted all his resources and wonders what he should do next. The web-slinger has just about had enough with the whole situation, dealing with people more concerned with their careers than doing what is right. As he swings away, the wall-crawler wishes his wife Mary Jane could be here to give him advice on what to do next.[Continuity 1]

In the wilderness, Wolverine uses his tracking ability to find another dead body. After Logan pulls the body out of its shallow grave, the Wendigo becomes angry at the sight of the dead boy and howls in anger and sorrow.


Continuity Notes

  1. Peter and Mary Jane are referred to as husband and wife here. However, years later, their marriage is erased from existence by the demon Mephisto in Amazing Spider-Man #545. As such they should be considered a common-law couple as opposed to husband and wife.

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