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Spider-Man has arrived in the west side of Manhattan, sticking to the rooftops for a stakeout. He spots his target, "Nutcase" Walker, a petty drug dealer who also dabbles in illegal arms. As Nutcase walks down the street, the wall-crawler also spots "Skull 'n' Bones" Adams, and "Rags" Williams. He learned of this meeting from Greg Kramer, a 12-year-old kid who has been selling crack to kids his own age. Spider-Man overheard Kramer bragging about his criminal enterprise to allowing the web-slinger to set up this sting. The masked hero waits for the drug deal to happen so he can bust them. As he waits, a young boy named Elmo Oliver walks past. Elmo is a highly imaginative boy lost in his own world. Pretending he is Robocop, the boy walks past Nutcase unaware of how dangerous this local drug dealer is. After almost getting hit by a passing cab, Elmo goes back to his school where he drops his pretending, knowing it will only get him into trouble here. He goes to the cafeteria and tries to maintain a low profile. Unfortunately for Elmo, he is spotted by Cavendish, a school bully, and his gang. The boys corner Elmo in a stairwell and demand that he hand over his lunch money. When Elmo tries to defend himself with a kick, he ends up kicking off one of his shoes ineffectually. Cavendish responds by pinching Elmo's nose so hard it begins to bleed. Giving in to his tormentors, Elmo hands over his money and the bullies leave. The boy watches them grimly as they walk away, wishing there was something he could do about it.

Meanwhile, outside, Greg Kramer arrives in the alley to purchase a gun from Nutcase. The only reason the dealer is willing to sell it to the youth is that he has been doing good business dealing drugs for him. As the deal is going down, Spider-Man swings down to interrupt. However, on the way, he is spotted by Rags, who tries to raise the alarm. Rags pulls out his gun and begins shooting his gun, attracting the attention of Enrico Ramirez, a local beat cop. Spider-Man quickly webs up the barrel of the gun and pulls it out of Rag's hand. Then using his web-line like a whip, he strikes Rags in the face with his own gun, sending him sprawling into the trash. As Spider-Man goes to confront Nutcase, Officer Ramirez arrives on the scene. Spotting the office, Skull n' Bones pulls out an automatic weapon and begins opening fire on the crowded street. Ramirez dives to the ground and returns fire at the gunman. Inside, the school, Oliver is wandering the halls when he is caught by his principal. When the administrator tells the boy to get to class, Elmo makes a run for it. While back outside, things are getting hectic as innocent people are gunned down by the cross-fire between Officer Ramirez and Officer Ramirez.

Not far away, Spider-Man manages to stop Nutcase from shooting by webbing up the front of his gun. When the drug dealer pulls the trigger, the gun misfires, blowing up in his face. Wounded, but not stopped, Nutcase grabs Greg and uses him as a hostage. As he grabs the boy, Kramer drops his gun and it lands out in the street. Watching all this happen is Elmo Oliver who is harboring revenge fantasies about his tormentors in school. Spider-Man manages to stop Nutcase from harming Greg by webbing by attaching a web-line to a city bus and attaching it to the crook. When the bus takes off, it pulls Nutcase down the street with him. The web-slinger then goes to assist the officer pinned down by Skull 'n' Bones. That's when Oliver spots the gun and decides to get it. Spider-Man sees this, and tells the boy to leave the weapon alone, but can't stop because of the officer. After Spider-Man helps take down Skull 'n' Bones, he remembers seeing the boy taking the gun and swings back to the school. Unfortunately, by the time he gets there Elmo and the gun are long gone. Oliver has returned to the playground of his school and holding out the gun while he sits on the jungle-gym, Elmo imagines himself on a shooting range shooting the words "Die Cavendish" into a target sheet. The boy is intent on getting revenge against the bully once and for all.

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