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Synopsis for "Storm Warnings Part One"

After hearing street rumors about Alternative Resources Munitions Supply (ARMS) is working on a mysterious new product to sell in the criminal underworld, Peter Parker has decided to investigate the Daily Bugle's files on the situation. Based on the research, he finds a connection between ARMS and Rand Corporation. After printing off a hard copy, Peter gets a call from Joe Robertson who asks him to come down to the city room immediately. After Peter leaves, Iron Fist enters the morgue room and prints off a copy of the notes as well. The martial artist can't believe that this is everything the Daily Bugle has on ARMS, but he senses that Peter Parker is returning. Not wishing to get caught, he summons his iron fist technique and punches a hole through the wall. Peter was tricked by someone who was impersonating Joe. When he enters the morgue room he is surprised to see a hole in the wall, because nothing set off his spider-sense. Checking the computer, he discovers that all the ARMS files have been copied and then deleted from the database. With no other choice, Peter calls Kate Cushing to tell her the bad news. However, before he can explain, she tells him that the files are off limits and if he touches them, she will fire him. With no other choice, Peter changes into Spider-Man to try and find a lead on where the files went.

He decides to pay a visit to the head offices of the Rand Corporation. Looking through the skylight, he sees Danny Rand meditating while the Rand computers compile data. Sensing the wall-crawler's presence, Rand decides to wait for Spider-Man to act first. When the hero comes crashing through the skylight. Spider-Man demands that Rand givebacks the files, instead of the martial artist activates a localized electromagnetic pulse device that kills all electronic devices in the room, including Spider-Man's belt signal. The sudden darkness allows Daniel Rand to change into Iron Fist and ambush the web-slinger. Spider-Man manages to dodge the attack thanks to his spider-sense and manages to strike Iron Fist as well. Knowing that he is out of his element, Spider-Man leaps back up through the skylight and onto the rooftops. He is followed there by Iron Fist, who manages to convince Spider-Man to trust him, as he is trying to save his company from being manipulated by ARMS. However, when he refuses to explain himself, Spider-Man can't allow Iron Fist to use the methods that he is undertaking. Before the web-slinger can react, Iron Fist hits him from behind with a nerve pinch. This sends Spider-Man falling off the side of the Rand Building. However, he manages to shake off the effects and swings back up to the roof.

The pair comes to blows, but eventually put their animosities aside when they compromise the sign atop the building. Quick thinking, Spider-Man, and Iron Fist stop the letters from falling to the ground. With a pause in the battle, Spider-Man asks Iron Fist if he is ready to talk. Iron Fist explains that there are rogue elements within his company that is making deals with ARMS. The potential for scandal could ruin the company and put a lot of innocent employees out of work. Iron Fist stole the files in order to get to the bottom of the conspiracy and save his company before that can happen. They both leap back down into the computer room, where Iron Fist repairs the computer. It has finished compiling data and Iron Fist learns that the one responsible is Doctor David Chodosh. The pair then rush down to Chodosh's lab to confront him but find that they have been barred from entering. Breaking in through the ventilation shaft, Spider-Man and Iron Fist are confronted by Chodosh. Wearing a suit of cybernetic armor, the doctor tells the two heroes to call him Platoon.

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