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  • Iron Fist's Bike

Synopsis for "Lock and Load"

Spider-Man and Iron Fist has discovered who the mole within the Rand Corporation has been dealing with the terrorist organization known as ARMS. It is David Chodosh who has built himself a cybernetic suit of armor to fight off the pair as Platoon. Although Platoon has superior fire-power over his foes and wants to eliminate them immediately, his puppet masters at ARMS want him to continue the fight to get maximum media attention so they can present the performance of their new armor to potential customers. Not liking this, Platoon tells his superiors that he quits and flees the scene. At the ARMS headquarters, the board of directors wonders how to handle the situation. While the head of the board doesn't find the involvement of Iron Fist and Spider-Man to be an ideal situation, but he tells his colleagues that they must make the best of the situation.[Continuity 1]

By this point, Iron Fist uses his chi to free himself and Spider-Man from the rubble. However, this is too late to stop the ceiling from caving in on them. However, they ultimately get free thanks to Spider-Man's superior strength. Once they are free, they discover that Chodosh had fled the scene. As Spider-Man web-slings after their foe, Iron Fist follows behind on a motorcycle. Platoon's trail leads them to the Brooklyn Bridge, where he has taken a number of hostages. He is furious that the authorities have penned him in on the bridge before he could flee the country and sell his armor to the highest bidder. When Platoon threatens to throw one of the hostages off the building, this reminds Spider-Man of his Uncle Ben and his parents.[Continuity 2] Spider-Man swings out over the bridge, she catches the man before he hits the waters below. Platoon then begins turning his attention to the heroes, intent on killing them. This battle is captured on live television, much to the delight of ARMS head of the board.

While Spider-Man gets the rest of the hostages to safety, Iron Fist keeps Platoon occupied. After the last of the hostages are free, Spider-Man saves Iron Fist when Platoon knocks him off the edge of the bridge. They then duck to safety when Platoon tries to rain acid down on them. They then swing up the other side of the bridge. They damage Platoon's armor, shorting out his weapons systems. Unfortunately, when they try to apprehend their foe, Platoon leaps into the water below. Before they can go after him, Spider-Man's spider-sense goes off warning him of danger below. As they look down, they see the authorities and the press being as they are attacked by more cyborgs.


Continuity Notes

  1. The head of the board makes reference of the "resurrection" of Iron Fist. Iron Fist was believed to have been killed in Power Man and Iron Fist #125. In reality, Iron Fist had been replaced with a H'ylthri impostor circa Power Man and Iron Fist #119. This deception was ultimately exposed and the real Daniel Rand freed in Namor the Sub-Mariner #22.
  2. Peter's Uncle Ben was killed by a Burglar in Amazing Fantasy #15. At the time of this story, Peter believes his parents have returned after being believed dead for two decades since Amazing Spider-Man #365. In reality, his parents did die decades earlier, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5. The people he thinks are his parents are actually impostors, as revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #388.

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