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Appearing in "Masques, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Masques, Part 2"

Having tracked down the Hobgoblin following a warehouse explosion, Spider-Man is horrified to discover that not only has the demonically possessed madman has taken on a young disciple named Adam Wright, but he is also in the process of transforming the boy into a demon as well. Adam assures Spider-Man that the Hobgoblin only seeks to do good, telling the hero that he sent the boy's mother to heaven. Suddenly, the Ghost Rider comes crashing through the wall on his motorcycle, leaving Spider-Man to wonder if the entire world has gone insane. As Spider-Man pulls Adam to safety, the Ghost Rider attacks the Hobgoblin. While the villain explains that he is carrying out a holy mission for God, the Ghost Rider sees through this madness, reminding the Hobgoblin that he is the Spirit of Vengeance and he had just killed twelve innocent people.

The Hobgoblin then summons his glider and races toward the Ghost Rider, who merely stands in place during the Goblin to do his worst. At the last moment, the Ghost Rider shreds the glider with his bare hands, sending the Hobgoblin crashing into a nearby wall. With Adam taken to safety, Spider-Man swings back into the battle to stop things from getting even more out of control. Recovering from his impact, the Hobgoblin reveals that he doesn't need his Goblin Glider and uses his demonic powers to create a new glider out of hellfire. As Spider-Man tries to get into the fight, Ghost Rider tells the masked hero not to get in the way so an innocent isn't harmed in battle. Spider-Man is unwilling to leave the Hobgoblin in the hands of the Ghost Rider and insists on dealing with the situation, especially since Adam could be hurt. Hearing the boy's name causes the Hobgoblin to cease his attack to search for the child. When he can't find the sight of Adam, the Hobgoblin leaps upon his flaming glider and attacks the wall-crawler. That's when Ghost Rider intervenes again, allowing Spider-Man to get Adam out of the ruined warehouse. By this point, the Hobgoblin has carried the Ghost Rider into the sky and dropped him. However, the otherwise fatal fall has no effect on the Ghost Rider.

Spider-Man begins to tell Ghost Rider that he is leaving with the boy when their mutual foe returns to the battle. The villain gives them one more chance to repent their sins or he will kill them. When Adam once more tells Spider-Man that the Hobgoblin is trying to help, the wall-crawler tells her to stay put. He then leaps back into the battle to lend Ghost Rider a hand. The Hobgoblin blasts his two opponents away. When he is reunited with Adam, he tells the boy that they will go on to create a new Garden of Eden. Spider-Man swings in and grabs Adam out of the Hobgoblin's hands. However, the force of his leap sends them crashing into a wall, knocking Adam unconscious. By this point, the Ghost Rider has subdued the Hobgoblin. But before he can land a killing blow, Spider-Man intervenes. He points out that they are supposed to be protecting innocent people from monsters like the Hobgoblin. He then points out that Adam is injured and needs medical attention. Fed up with Spider-Man's alturism, the Ghost Rider decides to leave Spider-Man to get Adam to a hospital and turn the Hobgoblin over to the authorities.


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