Quote1.png Okay, everyone, this is something a little different... I'm not going to go into specifics but I have it on pretty good authority that Spider-Man is missing. And I think it's up to us to find him. You guys are so good at filling me in on his comings and goings and swing-bys... but that was just for fun. This is the real deal. This is us coming together to help him for all the times he has helped us without us even asking. Spider-Man is missing. We're not sure if he ran away or was grabbed by something or someone... but with all the crazy tension going on in the superhero community of late nothing is impossible. So, this is real. No shtick. No put-on. He is missing and we need to find him. If you see him, message me. If you hear something, message me. But real stuff. No jokes. No bababooeys. We need to get this done, and fast. Because he would do the same for us. Quote2.png
-- Danika Hart

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• What did the Profiler see about Miles?

• Whatever it is, it’s made him the Marvel Universe’s most wanted!


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