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  • Dracula (First and only known appearance)

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  • Dracula's Jet


While attending the ESU spring dance, Angelica encounters a handsome, yet potentially deadly stranger. Unaware of his true identity, she rapidly succumbs to his charms and is lured outside. Peter and Bobby grow suspicious and follow. The gentleman Angelica under a powerful hypnotic suggestion and escorts her to the airport where they board a private black jet destined for Transylvania. Spider-Man and Iceman, anxiously pursue her by stowing away on a commercial plane. During the flight the man reveals himself to be the infamous Count Dracula and on arrival at his gothic castle proclaims his plans to marry Angelica. Having momentarily revived from her trance, the bride to be is suitably unimpressed by the proposal and transforms into Firestar. Delighted by this discovery, the Count once again places her under hypnosis and when Spider-Man and Iceman arrive, he commands her to destroy them. Spidey manages to subdue the attack by reaching her subconscious and reminding her of all the important aspects of her life. The ordeal takes it's toll and she passes out, turning back into Angelica. The duo then escape with her deeper into the castle. Having discovered Dracula’s laboratory, Iceman fends off Frankenstein and the Wolfman as Spidey develops a concoction to revive Angelica. She then transforms into Firestar and emits a blaze of sunlight throughout the castle, reverting everything back to normal. The team returns to the spring dance.


  • For unknown reasons this episode was given the title The Bride of Dracula on the current masters.

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