"The Origin of the Spider-Friends"

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"The Origin of the Spider-Friends"

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Synopsis for "The Origin of the Spider-Friends"

While attending an inventors convention, where Tony Stark is demonstrating his new computer devised for crime detection, Peter Parker is mesmerized by the beauty of Angelica Jones. All of a sudden the Beetle bursts in through the ceiling to steal Stark's invention. Peter changes to Spider-Man only to find Iceman and Firestar already on the scene. The Beetle escapes without the invention. Later, as Peter is talking to Angelica and her friend Bobby Drake in the Cafeteria, a fire breaks out in the science lab. Peter changes in a storage room. He begins to put out the fire as Spidey, and coincidentally Iceman and Firestar show up. That night, Peter finds that his camera took pictures when it was left in the storage room. What develops are pictures of Angelica turning into Firestar. This makes him realize that Bobby must be Iceman. The three decide to join forces while the Beetle kidnaps Tony Stark, giving The Beetle access to his newest invention, the Power Booster. With the Power Booster, he could amplify his power to the point of making him unstoppable. The Spider-Friends save Stark's life again, so he offers them a reward. He supplies the gang with a crime computer and hidden laboratory. They use this technology to track down the Beetle, and use their combined talents to defeat him, proving how good of a team they are.


  • PRODUCTION TITLE: Getting it all Together


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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