Quote1 Hey, where's your silly suit,Scorpia? "Silly suit Scorpia." Try saying that five times, fast. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "The evil that men do Part 3: Hate crimes"

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Synopsis for "The evil that men do Part 3: Hate crimes"

The Spider-Man and the Black Cat go to question Scorpiain prison, and they discover that it was the Ortega clan that hired her to eliminate Klum. The latter at that time goes to the home of Alberto Ortega, along with Francis, and kills him, his wife, and all his men causing them overdoses. On the suggestion of Francis, to prevent all those simultaneous overdoses from causing suspicion, Klum staged a collective massacre, tearing the corpses apart with a cleaver. After finding the bodies Spider Man and the Black Cat decide to investigate Klum, but they disagree on the method: Peter prefers to monitor him and collect evidence, while Felicia intends to extort a confession by pounding him. Eventually Felicia hits the ex-boyfriend treacherously, and imprisoned him with his web, goes to Klum's house.This turns out to be a very bad move, given that Klum has built his fortune thanks to his teleportation powers: the man is able to teleport small amounts of liquid, which allows him to let his clients take drugs, without them remaining marks on their bodies. Klum uses this method to drug Felicia, making her unable to move, after which he prepares to rape her.

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