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Synopsis for "The Arrival"

A trio of men are walking down the docks of New York City, as one of them explains how he was abducted by aliens. When he explains they implanted his golden teeth, the two other men try to rob him of these teeth. Before they can cut them out of the mans mouth, they are interrupted by Spider-Man. After the two would-be thieves are tied up, the apparent abductee takes it as a sign that aliens are looking out for him, this beliefe is punctuated by the apparent appearance of the Silver Surfer. Suspecting that there might be some cosmic level trouble might be brewing, the wall-crawler approaches who he thinks is the Silver Surfer. However he learns, much to his dread, that the alien in question is actually the Impossible Man, who has returned to Earth to have more fun. When Spider-Man scolds him for posing as the Surfer because it could frighten people into thinking that Galactus is returning, the Impossible Man remarks that his entire planet was eaten by Galactus before. While commenting on how his people live on in his DNA, the Impossible Man remarks how strange human beings are.

Walking through Central Park the Impossible Man asks where the Fantastic Four are. Spider-Man suggests that they might be off on vacation with their family or if they are saving the universe. Hearing this, the Impossible Man decides he will hang out with Spider-Man instead. However, at that very moment an alien ship lands in the park. This reminds the Impossible Man that his is why he came to Earth. The two rush to where the ship lands where an alien being has emerged from the craft. The Impossible Man explains that this alien is the Imperator. When Spider-Man asks what the alien is doing on Earth, the creature suddenly activates a message that is beamed across the Earth. The message is from the leader of the H'Mojen, an alien organism that takes other species as hosts bodies to contain their ever growing population.

Not liking the sound of this, Spider-Man tries to attack the Imperator, but is easily knocked aside. When the Impossible Man tries to attack, the Imperator unleashes a powerful blast that seemingly incinerates the Impossible Man. His ashen remains lightly falling on Spider-Man.

The following morning the Thing and Human Torch awaken to one of the Thing's pranks. Their play fighting is cut short when an exhausted Spider-Man arrives to warn them of what happened. At that very moment, Reed and Sue have taken the children to a jungle to examine insect species when they get a call from Ben about the trouble back home. While they wait for Reed and Sue to return, Johnny, Ben and Spider-Man confront the Imperator who has brought out a massive sphere that will transmit the H'Mojen across the Earth. The Thing and Torch and try to destroy it, but everything they try a time displacement device prevents them from causing any permanent damage. The Imperator tells them that they can't do anything to stop this situation and activates the sphere that will merge all of humanity with the H'Mojen.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Two great tastes that taste great together! The world's greatest super hero and the world's greatest super team collide for an adventure set nowhere near a CIVIL WAR (and upon which we will not put a CIVIL WAR TIE-IN label)!
  • After a visit by the Impossible Man, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is faced with a dangerous new alien threat for which he has only one in the Fantastic Four.
  • Separately, Spidey and the FF are the foundation of the Marvel Universe. Together...they just may save it!


Continuity Notes

  • The Impossible Man mentions that his homeworld was consumed by Galactus. This happened in Fantastic Four #175.

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